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6 mo. to 3 years
10 week semester, two 5-week units
45 minute, weekly classes w/ Parent or Caregiver
Tuition and Materials: $28 per week

Kindermusik Sign and Sing class is a weekly, 45 minute class for families with children newborn to 3 years. This unique sign language class will assist you in discovering the ways your child learns language best. Through songs, toys, and loving playtime between you and your child, you’ll learn more than 50 ASL signs your child can use to communicate with you.

Using research-proven methods shown to speed language development in hearing children, you’ll see how sign language can ease frustration for your child and enhance long-term learning abilities. Sign language will become a natural, happy part of your child’s day.

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Sessions A & B

Hearing children who know signs learn language almost twice as fast, and the combination of learning signs while engaging in a musical environment significantly enhances long-term learning abilities. You’ll learn the sign language teaching methods of the experts, as well as how to spot your baby’s most “teachable moments”. You’ll easily substitute American Sign Language (ASL) signs in familiar songs, improving your child’s language skills, fine motor skills, and strengthening fingers for zipping zippers and using scissors. You’ll never have to memorize a list of signs; Sign & Sing gives you the ASL signs that are most useful to you, and most interesting to your child. You’ll learn while you play, using everyday items in a natural way that is centered around your child’s normal daily activities such as eating, getting dressed, playing, and bath time.

At Home Materials:

  • 2 Family Activity Guides that contain the songs and activities we do in class, plus lots more fun and creative ideas and tips for enhancing signing knowledge at home.
  • A DVD glossary demonstrating more than 60 signs.
  • The Treasure Chest: Signs, Songs and Rhymes DVD featuring children signing and singing the animal-themed songs from class and favorite toys from the toy room.
  • Music downloads filled with delightful songs and activities!
  • 2 sets of Clip-on flashcards that feature photos of children and adults using family-friendly ASL signs, and photos of 30 animal ASL signs.

More Details:

Session A -- Playtime and everyday items around the house - such as a ball, bubbles, and family members - are learning themes in this introduction to American Sign Language for a child and caregiver. Parents will benefit from the session's four, research-proven strategies shown to speed language development in hearing children, developed by the child development and sign language experts Signing Smart. With the DVD's visual dictionary showing parents and children making over 60 signs, plus a pocket-sized set of flashcards of the pictures and the words of the signs, parents easily incorporate sign language into their daily routines, favorite nursery rhymes, and stories.

Home Materials: Family Activity Guide, DVD Glossary, and clip-on flashcards

Session B -- This follow-up session to the first introduces more signs using animals and toys as a learning theme, and delves into a deeper understanding of the Four Keys to Signing Smart introduced during Session A. With a special focus on helping children understand signs used in different contexts, the Home Materials include a children's DVD called The Treasure Chest: Signs, Songs, and Rhymes, and features mini-music videos of children singing well-loved songs using the signs - as well as showing the printed word across the bottom of the screen - giving children multiple ways to learn the words, the sign, and the language.

Home Materials: Family Activity Guide, DVD, clip-on flashcards

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