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Newborn to years
16 week semester
45 minute weekly classes, w/ Parent or Caregiver
Tuition and Materials:
     $450 first child, $22 per week each sibling

Kindermusik Family Time is a class designed for families with one or more children ages newborn and up, who want to participate in an activity together. Youíll play instruments, dance, explore and make discoveries, share and take turns, and see how music can bring you closer as a family.

With older children ready to show the little ones how itís done and the younger ones eager to learn, Family Time becomes a multi-layered learning environment for learning musical concepts and developing musical skills. In this special place, your children will strengthen their ties with each other and with you.

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Unit for Fall 2014: Make Way for Music

Music isnít just at music class, itís for all day long! What better way to build family bonds than to sprinkle music and movement throughout playtime, mealtime, clean-up time, bath time, and nighttime? Every week, youíll get ideas for creativity and insights into your childís development. With songs and activities for every time of day youíll learn how music makes parenting easier and a lot more fun! Each class is packed with singing, listening, story time, puppet play, dancing, instrument exploration and sharing.

At Home Materials:

  • 2 CDís packed with songs from class so you can recreate your own Family Time musical learning activities anywhere.
  • 2 books that we read together in class, so your children can repeat and build on at home whatís being explored and learned in class.
  • 2 instruments that are safe enough for the baby in your house and sound enough for your emerging musician.
  • A Family Activity Book full of activities the whole family can do together, plus song lyrics and educational information about the ways your child learns best.
  • 2 puppets to develop expressive story telling skills, as well as hand and finger strength.

More Details:

In Make Way for Music, families will sing, dance, and move their way through an exploration of several elements of music: beat and rhythm, concepts and contrasts (such as staccato and legato, high and low, the major scale, and arpeggios), the human voice, instrument families, and ensemble. Theyíll engage in developmentally appropriate activities that the whole family can enjoy together, including fingerplays, songs, circle dances, story time, and family jam.

Home Materials: Two books - Drum Circle and Animals on Parade, two Home CDs, Family Guide, Rex the Lion hand puppet and finger puppet, an instrument-matching board game and two fingerdrums.

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