New Kindermusik Location in Clifton, NJ



Microtone Music is proud to announce a new addition to our Kindermusik family -- we will shortly be starting class on Mondays at St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Clifton, NJ.

We are offering nearly our full menu -- everything except Young Child and Sign & Sing, which we will launch in the Spring semester.

How it came to happen is an interesting story: I (Mr. Michael) was called by an old organist friend to cover for him at a wedding in Clifton. The Pastor at this church is also an old friend, who we hadn't seen in quite awhile. This would be Greek Wedding (yes, indeed, Big and Fat), which would mean some music at the beginning, some more at the end, and no music to play during the ceremony itself.

So, during the wedding, with no cues to wait for, my wife and I were able to just sit back and enjoy the ceremony. We were in the choir loft, literally among the beautiful icons of the Greek Faith. STUNNING works of art, and we could see them up close. It was a gentle, spiritual time and we held hands and just experienced it. We were at that point putting in 7 day weeks and very long days setting up our CT program from scratch. So it was quite a relief to just have some quiet time together.

Afterward, we stayed on to chat with our friend Fr. Peter. In passing we mentioned our new educational venture, and his eyes lit up. He told us he had been looking for some kind of music program for the very littlest members of the congregation. Might we consider doing something for them on Sunday mornings? We said of course! And our program grew by one more location then and there.

So on Sunday mornings we are doing a very short program we are calling "Little Lambs," a Kindermusik-inspired, Faith-oriented program for the youngest children in the church.

And on Mondays, we are offering our full Kindermusik program to the wider community of Clifton: Village (newborn to 17 mos), Our Time (18 mos to 3 years), Imagine That! (3 to 5 years), and Family Time (all ages together). You can see the schedule here; just click the name of each class to be taken to the page for that curriculum.

Welcome aboard, St. George GOC and all of Clifton!


Miss Mary's Avgolemono Soupa!!

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Here's a delicious soup that every child in Greece loves (especially when Yia Yia makes it!) This is Miss Mary's quick-and-easy take on the classic recipe -- it takes a little less time to prepare than the "orthodox" version (pardon the pun). She makes the longer and more involved version on special occasions. Miss Mary uses organic ingredients when she makes this at home. Included here is the recipe itself, as well as a downloadable PDF. Yassou!


Miss Mary’s Avgolemono Soupa (Quick Version)

2 32-oz (1 quart) containers of chicken broth
2 eggs
Juice of 1 lemon
¼ cup rice or orzo
Salt and Pepper to taste

  1. Heat 1 container of broth to boiling.
  2. Cook pasta or rice in the broth per directions on the package. You’ll end up with quite a bit of broth left over – it will not all be absorbed.
  3. Use the second container of broth to thin the soup to your liking.
  4. Remove from heat, cool for 4 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  5. While you’re waiting for the soup to cool, blend two eggs and lemon juice in a blender on medium speed till frothy.
  6. Now here’s the tricky part: Bring the pitcher over to the pot of broth. Hold the pitcher in one hand and a ladle in the other. Now SLOWLY pour the egg mixture into the very hot (but no longer boiling) broth, while simultaneously ladling some of the broth back into the pitcher. The idea is to gradually raise the temperature of the eggs – if you simply pour them into the broth, they will curdle! The final mixture should be very thick and smooth.
  7. Salt to taste.

ALL children in Greece love this soup! Adults usually grind some fresh black pepper into it.

This is the quick-and-easy version of the soup. There is a longer version to come!

Click here for the easy-to-save and easy-to-print PDF: Avgolemono Soup.pdf

Spring Early Enrollment Special



Enroll in any of our Kindermusik classes before the close of business on Friday, January 7th, and receive a 10% discount off your tuition. In addition, we'll waive the usual registration fee. We expect classes to fill exceptionally fast in the next few weeks, so don't hesitate. Enroll online today!

Spring Schedule is Ready!





Our Spring schedule is posted and ready for viewing. Classes begin on January 31st in Clifton, NJ, and in the first week of February at our CT locations. Once again, we're offering the full menu of Kindermusik classes. Lots to choose from!

Enrolling online is fast and easy. Check us out today!

Kindermusik Gift Certificates Available NOW



Looking for the perfect present this holiday season? Know someone who would be interested in giving a gift that truly “keeps on giving”? As you know, the benefits of Kindermusik not only last a few months or a few years—they last a lifetime.

This year, Grandma, Grandpa, aunts, uncles, friends, or anyone, can give your little ones the gift of Kindermusik. I have Kindermusik gift certificates available in any denomination. Gift givers can get in touch with me by phone or email and I will provide simple instructions for purchasing a gift certificate to be applied toward Kindermusik tuition and/or home materials at any of our locations. Gift certificates purchased before Dec 12 are sure to arrive in the mail in plenty of time to find their way under the Christmas tree, into stockings, or get hand delivered with a hug.

(And don’t worry, we won’t tell your gift givers that this isn’t just a gift for the little ones—it’s also a gift for you! After all, you’re the one who gets to sit crossed-legged on the floor each week, enjoying that special time to bond with your child.)

Are you wondering if grandparents love giving Kindermusik as a gift? Just check out this video of a Kindermusik grandma who has pledged to sponsor Kindermusik for any of her 17 grandchildren who want it!

If you have any questions about purchasing gift certificates, I’ll be happy to answer them for you.

Wishing you the happiest of holiday seasons!


Sign and Sing Moved to Tuesdays at 900 AM at Round Hill Community Church



One more note about Microtone Music's new Sign and Sing program. We were originally scheduled for Wednesdays at 1000 AM; due to a schedule conflict at our facility, we've moved the class to TUESDAYS, 1000 AM, starting this Tuesday the 2nd of November.

We are still meeting at Round Hill Community Church. If you're not sure where that is, click here to visit our locations page.

Thanks, see you there!

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