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Make every day a Kindermusik day!

General, Activities
  Here's a fun little activity you can do with your little one. The most important facet of the Kindermusik method is the extension of our activities into the child's home life. So check out this short Youtube video which demonstrates a simple, fu… more »

"One Small Step for Man" all over again...

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Imagine it: every day, all over the world, countless millions of lap babies are growing into crawlers, and then on into toddlers. This neural explosion happens under the "mission control" of the master computer in the brain which executes a miraculous program that brings about this growth. For the child, it is an enormous adventure. All the elements of day-to-day life that adults take entirely for granted -- of which we are almost entirely unconscious -- are new discoveries for the child. That toddler is in an environment as new and unexplored as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon. more »
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